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2016 marks second year of record growth - Companies adding 11,842 jobs net

IDA IRELAND, the Government agency responsible for attracting foreign direct investment, has announced the highest level of employment in its client companies in its history. Total employment at overseas companies now stands at 199,877 people, the highest level on record.

IDA client companies created just under 19,000 (18,627) jobs on the ground during the year across a range of sectors, with every region of Ireland posting net gains in jobs.

IDA Ireland has completed two years of its five year strategy, Winning: Foreign Direct Investment 2015-2019 - with the latest results indicating a strong performance by the organisation towards delivering its 2019 target of 80,000 new jobs and 900 investments.

The performance was produced against a background of unprecedented geopolitical changes, an underperforming European economy and intense competition from other jurisdictions for foreign direct investment.


IDA Ireland has seen jobs growth across all of its regional locations in 2016. This result reflects an intensive focus by IDA Ireland via its five year strategy, Winning: Foreign Direct Investment 2015-2019 in relation to regional dispersal of FDI investments. 59% of all employment remains outside of Dublin.

In 2016, 52% of all jobs (gross) created by IDA clients were based outside of Dublin.

While there continues to be a global trend towards FDI favouring large urban centres, IDA statistics continue to show the strength and resilience of FDI in regional locations.