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5 reasons why December is a good month to start your job search.

Many people feel December may not be the time for moving jobs however here’s

5 reasons why December is a good month to start your job search.

  1. Hiring typically takes off in the New Year due to companies taking on new projects & initiatives, and having new budgets to spend. Be ahead of the crowd and register with a recruiter in December. You can then be referred to clients as soon as vacancies arise.
  2. Executives and recruiters may be easier to contact in the month of December as their work flow is likely to have quietened down.
  3. Competition levels drop in December as many potential candidates will be too busy planning for the festive season! Use this to your advantage by keeping up-to-date with opportunities on job boards and with your recruiter.
  4. Companies who are hiring in December are likely to make decisions faster as they will want the role to be filled before the New Year. This can be a big relief for candidates as will have less waiting to do for good news!
  5. Due to festive cheer, people are generally more helpful and friendly at this time of year. Pick up the phone and follow up on your applications.

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