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CAO 2018: Points for arts fall amid demand for jobs-friendly courses

Points for many arts and creative courses have fallen as students opt for degrees linked to areas of strong jobs growth such as engineering, teaching and nursing.

In all, just over 50,000 college hopefuls are set to receive their CAO results on Monday.

Some of the biggest points increases are for engineering, indicating that many students have been listening to industry bodies who have warned of critical skills shortage in these areas.

Points for engineering at Trinity, UCD and NUI Galway are up by more than 20, with architecture and many construction-related courses also seeing points increase.

The influence of employment prospects on students’ choices is also reflected in the strong interest in degree programmes in areas such as teaching and nursing.

Primary teaching courses have risen by up to 14 points, while most secondary teaching courses have also seen their points rise. (Source The Irish Times)