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​Could a Temp be what your business needs?

Could a Temp be what your business needs? Every business will experience peaks in demand, the need to cover an absence or implement specific projects. Clark has the expertise to provide experienced professionals with the skills you require.

Here are some of the benefits for hiring temporary professionals:

Flexibility: Temps allow your business to quickly respond to the needs of the market in which you operate.

Cost efficient: A temporary employee is a temporary solution. You only pay for the hours actually worked with an all-inclusive rate fully managed by Clark.

Appropriate skills and experience: Temporary staff have the skills relevant to your business and are accustomed to working for a specified period of time making an immediate impact on your business.

Quicker hiring process: Clark Temps are fully interviewed, assessed, referenced checked and available to start work immediately.

Time to Evaluate: Hiring a temp allows you to appraise an employee and evaluate their work before considering them for permanent employment.

We at Clark are the Leading provider of flexible temporary staff. Why not contact our Temporary team today on 045 881888? Sarah and Maire would be delighted to help you. Let us do the work so you don't have to!