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​Deirdre Coghlan-Murray recently qualified as a Time to Think Coach

Deirdre Coghlan-Murray Managing Director and Executive Coach at Clark recently qualified as a Time to Think Coach London.

Speaking this morning Deirdre said, "I am delighted to qualify as a Time to Think coach having studied, worked with and learned from the very best with Ruth McCarthy and Nancy Kline.

“Some facts are chilling. Consider this one: the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. It is chilling because its implications are enormous. The key implication is that there is nothing – nothing—more important in developing organizational effectiveness than ensuring that people think for themselves with rigor, imagination, and courage. Everyday. In every meeting. In every interaction.” Nancy Kline, Founder and President of Time To Think.

"For me the Time to Think methodology embodies what coaching space is all about. Knowing that we as human beings do our best thinking for ourselves and providing an environment where you can go to the very edge of your own thinking means you do great thinking in less time. I am honoured to be a qualified Time to Think Coach an look forward to immersing it into my coaching practice." Deirdre concluded.

Want to know more about the coaching programs available? Please contact or call Deirdre on 045 881888 for a confidential discussion.

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