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Employers must actively promote staff wellbeing

Organisations that want to retain staff could do worse than splash some cash on wellbeing initiatives in the workplace. Why? Because six out of 10 employees say they are more likely to stay long term with an employer that shows concern for them.

The research, conducted in Ireland to coincide with National Workplace Wellbeing Day (which is backed by Food Drink Ireland and Ibec) also showed that nearly half of the 1,000 employees surveyed would leave a job where an employer doesn’t care about their wellbeing.

The definition of wellbeing in the workplace is broad and covers everything from offering free fruit snacks and healthy food options in the canteen to providing quiet spaces for people to think or relax. Also common are on-site mindfulness and exercise classes.

The World Health Organisation has thrown its weight behind wellbeing initiatives as it believes the workplace is an ideal large-scale setting in which to promote mental and physical health, not least because many workers are also parents with the power to influence the health of the next generation. (Source: Irish Times)