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Getting to the Heart of the matter

Innerview - Getting to the heart of the matter

Interviews give us some insights into how an individual will fit into our companies and what we can expect from them in terms of performance and skills. But an interview is capturing a moment in time – a performance and it is human nature for our bias to play a significant role in our judgement of people at interview.

Psychometric profiling adds a completely new dimension to an interview and gives you a depth of insights into an... individual which is otherwise not possible. The Innermetrix profiling tools add an even more robust view. It’s the difference between having a set of binoculars at a horseracing event and not. You get to see the full picture as opposed to just hear the commentary and see the finish!

Most psychometric tools measure personality styles which give you insights into a persons natural style of behavior and help you understand how a person is likely to behave in different situations. Innermetrix takes it 2 steps further. As well as measuring how a person behaves, it also measures Why a person behaves the way they do – in other words, what are the motivators the individual has that impact how they behave and What talents an individual has – not only in general but specifically relative to the attributes or talents you need for your organisation.

Psychometric profiling is not designed to be used as a screening out tool but rather as an enhanced way to focus on an individuals strengths and challenges relative to a role or an organization. It also highlights where an individual will need support in terms of their development and sits neatly with situational leadership by identifying real strengths where you as a leader can give the person space to perform and where you will need to work closer with the individual to develop specific skills.

Ultimately, Psychometric profiling and particularly the Innermetrix suite of tools helps you identify the maximum performance potential of an individual by getting to heart of what matters to that individual – how they behave, why they are motivated to use certain skills and what talents and attributes they have. It’s the innerview and it matters.

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