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How to establish a strong relationship with a new boss

Your boss has decided to move on, and someone else is taking their place. How should you establish a positive, productive working relationship with your new manager?

Here’s how to build a strong rapport from the first day.

1. Look for common ground: Before your new boss arrives, try to find out a little bit about who they are, what their interests are and what their track record has been. If you know people who’ve worked with them in the past, give them a call.

2. Have some empathy: Even though you may be anxious to prove your worth to a new boss, try to see things from their perspective and know that they are under a lot of pressure of their own. Bosses will likely notice your empathy in those first challenging weeks.

3. Don’t lay it on too thick: New managers will be able to see through excessive boasting or kissing up pretty quickly. Show some hustle and be proactive those first few weeks, but don’t go overboard.

4. Ask about their communication style: Early on, figure out your boss’s preferred method of communication for different types of issues, and adjust your style accordingly. The best strategy for figuring it out? Ask directly.

5. Help them achieve early wins: Identify what your boss cares about, and try to help them score easy early wins in those areas. You can even help identify what those wins might be.

6. Come armed with solutions: As new bosses adjust, they’re typically bombarded with challenging problems. Don’t add to their issues. You can even offer to take something off their plate, which will give you the opportunity to prove your mettle.

– Copyright Harvard Business Review 2016