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LinkedIn – How to get the most from your profile

From a professional perspective, LinkedIn has become the leading social media platform for engagement. As a candidate you should note that 90% of recruiters advertise via LinkedIn. A recent statistic shows that, on average, users spend circa 17 minutes per month on LinkedIn. 

Keeping this in mind, below are some tips on having an effective and interactive LinkedIn account.

1. Keep your profile up-to-date and show your current professional position/status. ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. Use a professional profile picture. By not using a photo, people are much less likely to view or interact with your profile.
2. List your skills and keep them current. We suggest mentioning up to at least five skills. This heightens the likelihood of you being discovered by a potential employer or recruiter.
3. Keeping your headline updated is also important. Within this, be sure to emphasize your status and objective, i.e. if you are available or seeking a new opportunity and in what field and industry.
4. Grow and multiply. People and companies you connect with can result in multiple LinkedIn integrations and introductions. For example, connecting with your old school and/or college to link in with alumni. LinkedIn Groups add tremendous value to a job search and act as an ongoing, online networking event.
5. Follow companies that interest you and that you may like to work for. You may find a mutual connection already working in a company who can potentially act as a liaison, an introduction.
6. Get active on LinkedIn. Share interesting posts or material. Post pieces you write or share any videos you may create. Ensure the material you post is professional or relevant to promoting yourself and your career. Being active on LinkedIn after business hours can be more advantageous as users are more inclined to be online then than during their working day.
7. A research tool. Use LinkedIn to gather background information on your future company, boss and team. This becomes extremely useful and important for interview preparation and perhaps in identifying a mutual link, skill or interest.

In summary, be interesting, enthusiastic, interact, update, connect and share. Show your professional side!

Maire Griffith is a Recruitment Partner within our Temporary Division. She can be contacted on 045 881 888 or email