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Take One Day

Take One Day is a one day event aimed at busy professionals who struggle to find the time and space to simply think - and yet know that what's most important is somehow being ignored.

The day will be an interactive mix of individual and group activities and you will leave with a clearer understanding of what is most important to you along with a tangible plan of how to achieve it.

It will be divided into three sections;

Reflect - where you will explore the practical reality that you face; the challenges and barriers and the things that may be holding you back

Restore - when you will press the pause button and take a look at your hopes and dreams; what you really crave and desire and re-establish your confidence to be able to achieve it.

Re-energise - where you complete a practical session to map out what needs to be in place to achieve your dreams, goals and elevate your energy level

You will be guided by the talented executive coaching team of Sharon Collier, Suzanne Mountain and Deirdre Coghlan-Murray

The event will be held in the the beautiful natural and historic setting of The Cliff at Lyons Hotel

Please give Deirdre a call on on +353 45 881 888 or email