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Ten-year strategy for the Irish agri-food sector

A new ten-year strategy for the Irish agri-food sector, aimed at creating over 23,000 new jobs, is to be launched by the Government later this morning.

It has been drawn up by 35 leading figures from across the agri-food sector over the past eight months.

Food Wise 2025 is an ambitious new vision document outlining what the Government wants see happening in our agri-food sector over the next decade.

More than 350 separate actions will be called for.

The prize could be a 65% increase in primary food production here, an 85% increase in our food and drink exports, the creation of 23,000 new jobs in the agri-food sector, and countless spin-off jobs elsewhere in the economy.

Social, economic, and environmental sustainability will be central.

There will be explicit recognition that increasing food production cannot be considered in isolation from its environmental impact.

Environmental protection and economic competitiveness are to be equal and complimentary.

There will also be a greater focus on consumer insights to ensure Ireland produces food for the right markets and for the highest value segments in those markets.