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The most desirable employers of graduates in Ireland have been revealed

The most desirable employers of graduates in Ireland have been revealed in a new study.

KPMG is the winner, jumping 13 places since last year and beating PwC, which held at number two, and Google, which dropped from one to three.

Teaching and working with the Department of Foreign affairs are the most popular public sector roles, with both making the top 20.

The majority of employers listed wanted applicants to have a 2.1 or above in their degree and to have studied a relevant course, but luckily for young graduates only 27pc required relevant work experience.

85.7pc of these companies offer work experience or internships, and a promising 93.5pc of those say they pay their interns.

The survey also found that starting salaries are continually rising since 2012, with some differences across sectors. The highest average starting salary is in investment banking, at a whopping €53,550. Law and engineering also have high starters.

Employers said that the biggest shortfalls they see in today’s graduates are communication skills, fluency in a foreign language and technological knowledge.

Graduate recruitment is up in the businesses surveyed; 44pc of those said that this is down to growth.

The Ireland’s 100 leading graduate employers survey is part of the European Student Barometer, which tracks graduate trends across Europe.

In Europe overall, Google has kept its top place despite the drop in Ireland, and is followed by Apple, Volkswagen and BMW Group. KMPG is tenth in the European list.