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Wellbeing at Clark Programme

At Clark we believe that performance at work and job satisfaction are linked to our health & wellbeing. Being healthy and having time to clear your mind from the stress of everyday life is key to our success and the overall success of our business.

Our physical health is just as important as our mental health when it comes to taking responsibility for our wellbeing. While oftentimes we know what choices we need to make, we may lack the energy, motivation or discipline to translate those choices into actual behaviours. Often in the evening we are too exhausted both mentally & physically to hit the gym or take time out just to relax and clear the mind. In the times we live in we are constantly on the go.

At Clark we promote our Wellbeing @ Clark Programme to our people. Every week we run a healthy luncheon for our people which includes nutritious and healthy snacks, salads and soups. Nuala our Yoga instructor runs a weekly Yoga session will be with us every Thursday to help us boost our immunity, ease migraines, increase blood flow, improve our postures, fight our food cravings (we are a food fanatic office) and help us sleep! In December we have Dr. Ellen Finnegan presenting a Stress Management Programme to us which at this time of year is vital with so much pressure associated with the holiday season. Next year we will be running Mindfulness & Reflection sessions, Pilates in the workplace session while also continuing with all of the above. #wellbeingiskey #wellbeinginwork