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​What is Temping and why should you consider it?

What is Temping and why should you consider it?

If you're searching for a new career and you're wondering where to start maybe now is the time to consider temporary work. Although there are a lot of uncertainties in the current employment market we believe that when things return to some kind of new normal there will be a demand for skilled workers who are available to start work immediately. Employers will need to respond quickly to the demand for supply and temporary staff can be of massive value to employers.

What is a temporary job?
A temporary role is exactly what it sounds like: a position of a temporary nature. This can mean a variety of different positions and duration for example 1 day covering reception or an 11 month project management position.

So why is temping a good option for you?
There are a number of positive outcomes from accepting a temporary assignment.

1. Gain experience in a new field - you may have had feedback from interviews that the company requires specific relevant previous experience. Accepting temporary work in the field you’re hoping to get into can help. In fact, many employers who require temporary cover may have less stringent search criteria for that role.

2. Flexibility - One of the biggest and best benefits of temporary work is its flexibility. You decide what role you work in and when. You can try positions that you might not have considered before and get exposure to new environments without committing to a permanent position. You have control over your hours and can decide what work life balance works for you.

3. Skills -Temping provides exposure to a variety of different jobs. These jobs come with a variety of different skillsets. You will gain exposure to new databases, new ways to work and new industries that will be valuable to future employers. Being a “temp” showcases an ability to take on new challenges and rise to the occasion. It shows that you can learn and adapt quickly.

4. Opportunity for Permanency- Once you have commenced temporary employment, employers can see the value you can add to their business. Many employers are reluctant to let good staff leave and so will create a role or appoint you into an existing vacancy. They have had a chance to see where your strengths lie and you in turn understand their culture. This enables you to make an informed decision on if this is the right job for you long term without any of the concerns that come with starting a new job.

Becoming a member of our temporary team is a simple process. Forward your CV to a consultant in our temporary division. They will contact you to schedule an appointment for an interview where you can discuss what types of positions you would like to consider. You will need to provide us with referee details and proof of eligibility to work. After this process is complete we can consider you for temporary assignments. Not all temporary positions require an interview however some do and it is important to treat them as seriously as you would an interview for a permanent role. Preparation is key!

Once you have commenced work we process your payroll on a weekly basis after you have submitted your hours using a timesheet. We remain in contact with you throughout the duration of your assignment and we are happy to provide support and guidance.

If you would like to be considered for temporary work contact Sarah Mortimer Temporary Division Manager at Clark or call on 045 881888.

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