Coaching Models

Our passion is to work with individuals and teams who want to achieve more

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Executive Coaching

Our passion is to work with individuals who want to achieve more. We engage with individuals and organisations to enable change. We believe that people learn through commitment, experience and practice. In our coaching programs we partner with you to help you reach your potential for yourself and your organisation

Our style is hugely supportive, encouraging and challenging. We ask the questions that need to be asked.

Our Coaching Programs are extremely flexible with programs typically running for 6 – 12 months. Behavioural Change is a process, not a task and it takes time, energy and real commitment. All our Coaching Programs are customised to suit individual goals and development plans, individual challenges and individual learning styles.

  • We work with people who have just entered a new role and are learning to manage the transition
  • We work with Leaders who are facing the everyday challenges of business and corporate life
  • We work with individuals who are going through a change process and will benefit from having that extra support.

Our coaching is built on a foundation of trust, confidentiality and partnership. We awaken energy through using a range of proven coaching techniques to facilitate change including Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Systems Thinking.

At Clark we put great emphasis on the environment in which coaching takes place, allowing for the necessary openness and honesty required to address the causes of blockages, performance gaps and other barriers to fulfilment.

Team Development and Coaching

Our Team Development and Coaching is an extension of our one to one coaching programs and works with teams towards reaching specific goals and making changes which enable the team to flourish. 

To date our experience has been centred on identifying behaviours and talents which enable or disable a team and creating an awareness of change at an individual and a team level. Ultimately, this enables the team to focus on the tasks, challenges, goals and solutions.

Our Team Coaching programs are customised and can consist of some short, regular team interventions as well as complete team days away programs.

Clark Outplacement Services

The world of work has changed. Changes in career are more common than ever before.

Managing an organisation through change can be a very difficult process. Clark Outplacement supports both you the company and the individual through the transition whilst sending a very clear message that your company is in command of the process and cares. A company that cares for both those colleagues who are leaving, and importantly for those who will contribute to the organisation’s future success.

With Clark’s considerable recruitment and HR experience, we are very well placed to provide personnel with career advice and training, to optimise their chances of finding a new role – quickly, in the right sector and at a location that works for then. Our extensive knowledge and insight into business, manufacturing and industry across Ireland, puts us in an ideal position to minimise the impact of such a closure on a region and on the reputation of the company that engages us.

Clark provide tailored outplacement programs and advisory services to assist companies in the planning and implementation of change resulting in downsizing and ultimately providing support to the effected employees. Our service ranges from assisting with the planning of restructuring to delivery of outplacement programs.

We also partner with a highly regarded Financial Advisor to assist you in making the best and most informed decisions relating to your employment.