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Interviewing with a Mask

Interviewing with a mask

We have all gotten creative with our masks, making or buying custom versions with slogans, sports logos, even prints of our pets face. But while those eye-catching masks are fun, they’re not a good idea for job interviews. Why not? Well, in short, they distract from what’s actually important: you. Loud patterns, shiny embellishments, or slogans will pull focus from you and what you are presenting at interview.

Your best bet is to keep it simple. Choose a plain color or a simple pattern and make sure it doesn’t clash with your outfit. Remember that the goal is for the interviewer to forget about your mask and focus on your conversation. Remember the good old days, when an interview wardrobe malfunction meant spilling coffee on your shirt before the meeting? Now, you also have to worry about keeping your mask intact and presentable as well. To ensure that things go smoothly, pack at least one extra mask that you’d feel confident wearing during the interview. The world is an imperfect place. Elastics snap, lipstick wanders, birds drop a present right before you enter the building. Have a backup, and you’ll be prepared for anything.

Even in pre-pandemic times, it was normal to have some job interview jitters. Now, you have the added stress of observing safety precautions, plus navigating an interview with half your face covered. If you’re feeling nervous, it’s totally understandable. The best way to handle our new norm is to prioritize stress relief. If you haven’t already incorporated stress management practices like meditation, mindfulness, and breathing techniques, now is a good time to start. If you’re already doing so, be sure to leave extra time before your job interview to build a sense of calm. Take an hour or two to de-stress before heading out. Go for a walk, meditate, do some yoga – anything that will help you regulate and relax. Remember that you’re not just interviewing – you’re interviewing while coping with a pandemic. Give yourself a break … by taking a break.

Did you know that people can hear when you’re smiling, even over the phone? The same goes for when you’re wearing a mask. Plus, the top of your face will be visible, which means that the interviewer will be able to see your smile in your eyes #smize. Your posture may also indicate that you’re feeling positive and upbeat. So, don’t use the mask as an excuse to wear a neutral expression. Smile, and the interviewer will feel your enthusiasm.

The pandemic has complicated interviewing, along with just about every other activity in our lives. But it also provides an opportunity to show respect and consideration – valuable attributes in a potential hire. When you meet with the interview, adhere to social distancing guidelines by two metres apart. Do not shake hands or touch the interviewer in any way. (If they offer an elbow bump, and you feel comfortable, go for it. But let them lead.)

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