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​Temp to Perm- A hiring strategy that works for Business

Temp to Perm- A hiring strategy that works for Business

What does temp to perm mean?
Simply put temp to perm is when a temporary role leads to a permanent position.

What are the benefits to candidates and clients?
From a client’s perspective you get to trial the new starter and gauge performance, reliability, punctuality and team fit. From a candidate’s point of view, you get to assess if it is the right job for you, without going straight into a permanent role. It’s a great way to get a foot in the door.

Taking on a new permanent staff member is an important decision. Not only should they be the right person for the job, they have to be the right person for your business. And if you’re a candidate, starting a new permanent role is equally daunting.

There is a solution we offer at Clark. For an employer, it is a little like a ‘try first’ option. For a candidate, it’s a practice period with a new boss. We call it our ‘temp-to-perm’ route.

To find out more about how temp-to-perm could speed up your recruitment process, or if you’re a candidate and think this could work for you, please get in touch with Sarah Mortimer Temporary Division Manager on 045 881888 or