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Workforce Survey Invitation

Working collaboratively Clark, Maynooth University School of Business, County Kildare Chamber and Grant Thornton have come together to gather information on the world of work including talent resourcing, skills, ways of working and future trends for business as we move into the second decade of the second millennium.

COVID-19 as well as technology and a change in work related values has changed how we all work, collaborate and manage talent. To shed light on how the world of work and talent resourcing is changing, we have designed a survey specifically focusing on the M7 corridor. If you live or work within Co Kildare, Co Carlow, Co Laois, Dublin South or Dublin West we would really value your view, input and experience.

Confidentiality and ethics: Please be assured that your individual response will always be anonymous. This survey adheres to the highest research ethics standards and complies with all GDPR requirements.

What will happen to the results? On completion of the research, the data will be retained on the Survey Monkey server and aggregated and anonymised research results will be made available to you on request and via our website

I have read and understand the information provided to me about this survey. By clicking on the link below I am declaring my consent to proceed with the survey.

If you would like any further information you can contact Stephen Farrell-O’Callaghan Director Clark 045 881888 or email