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Trócaire was at a point of serious organisational change. For the organisation to function properly and fulfill its remit, managers had to understand – and buy into – the restructuring and change process. They also needed to see it as part of their own professional development.

The Project:

Clark Executive Coaching’s first task was to become familiar with where Trócaire had been up to this point, and where the restructuring process would take the organisation. Once up to speed on the background of the process, Clark then became a support to senior managers, helping to facilitate the restructure through individual and team coaching of mid and senior level staff throughout the organisation.

Staff being coached came from a wide variety of working environments, many of them based overseas. With Clark’s support, managers were able to work through critical situations, thereby strengthening their capacity to work strategically into the future and implement significant change.


Clark’s focus on individuals was seen as being an important aspect of the process. With our support, each person was able to clearly identify their goals and to remove any obstacles that may have been holding them back.

We achieved this successful outcome through a variety of coaching interventions, including individual and group coaching, in groups ranging from 5 to 25 people. In other cases, we employed ‘Triangular Coaching’, a process that includes an individual, their manager and an executive coach. Given the nature of Trocaire’s business, Clark had to use a variety of communications media, from face-to-face to skype, sometimes to remote locations.