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Clark provides an international standard of recruitment, tailored to meet the specific needs of business

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How we Partner with you

Retained Business and Executive Search

The traditional model for recruitment has been a scramble, with several recruitment companies fighting to be the one that succeeds in finding the candidate. While conventional wisdom says this gladiatorial style of business is the most effective, the reality is that it’s less focused and more time consuming.

At Clark we find the most productive and profitable business comes out of partnership. By working closely with clients, from the point at which a recruitment need has been identified, we are able to achieve better results, faster. Clark Retained clients get fewer but higher quality CVs, which means fewer interviews and less time wasted. Retained clients’ brands can be represented more consistently and clearly, as time can be taken to accommodate the specifics of a client business. And, because we are not racing to be the “first pupil to give teacher an apple”, we can take the time to add Behavioural Profiling, Tailored Assessments, Aptitude Tests and other important and effective tools.

At Clark, we operate and we innovate. We can fit in with the systems and procedures of our client companies and are continually developing processes and tools to enhance your experience and ultimately the outcome of your partnership with us.

Database Search

The Clark Database is the primary level of our recruitment business. By keeping abreast of developments in the businesses environment we serve and by updating the information and qualifications of the personnel on our live Database, we can be sure we are providing the most accurate service to our clients across the board.

Since 1998, the content of that Database has evolved and grown but, importantly, the way in which it is managed has continued to improve. Through various incarnations, culminating in Cloud Technology, we have been able to refine information such as academic qualifications, previous experience, references, specific industry exposure, interests and area of availability.

When positions are brought to Clark for fulfillment, we are able to create a solid short-list of high quality candidates very quickly. Likewise new candidates are immediately linked with any available positions open on the database.