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Having experienced Clark as a candidate, I would recommend both Clark and Deirdre Coghlan-Murray both for candidates seeking a new position, and for employers looking to select high-quality candidates for their organisations. From a candidate point of view, I had a long and thorough interview with Deirdre which was instrumental in dissecting my previous positions, aptitudes and skills, and teased out many high-value aspects that I had missed completely in assembling both my CV and my applications. Following significant revisions, this then led via Clark on to a series of interviews with my new employer. At every stage, Deirdre was of great assistance in framing what the purpose of the interview would be, who the attendees would be, and what the specific areas of concern were likely to be for every interview. From an employer perspective, I would have no hesitation in using Deirdre and Clark in future searches for suitable candidates - I would do so feeling fully confident that the candidates had been through a rigorous process of identifying their knowledge, skills and attitudes, and the candidates that I would be presented with would be of the highest quality.

- David Anderson, Miele

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

We’ve worked with Clark for the last 3 years using the ADV profile to help us make decisions on hiring for key Leadership roles in our business. The profile coupled with the practical insight provided by Deirdre Coghlan – Murray has been critical in making the right hiring decisions not just for the Company but also for the candidates. We establish robust induction and development plans for these news hires based on the profile information. I am delighted to say we have hired some excellent Leaders who continue to thrive and deliver in our business today.

- Brian Fitzpatrick, BD Medical

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

I am happy to provide this testimonial in favour of Clark. Over a number of years I have called on Clark to assist with a number of Talent Acquisition initiatives. At all times the Clark team have been extremely professional, have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the needs and expectations of the organisation and have worked in partnership with our Hiring Managers. The additional services offered in terms of structured candidate assessments and profiling tools has served to bring only the very best candidates to the table. I have no hesitation in recommending Clark to any organisation that takes their talent acquisition and management seriously and who want a ‘AAA’ rated service

- Patricia Garland-Moloney, Hidden Hearing (Ireland) Ltd

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

Finding Talent is a challenge for every organisation. As we grow our business in BD, it becomes critical. Clark are our recruitment partner because they have invested in understanding our business and our culture. They continue to successfully source candidates that match our needs across a range of disciplines.

- Seosaidh O’Connor, BD Medical

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

Clark Recruitment is a great agency to work with – they’re pro-active in learning about our company, what makes us tick and what type of candidates will fit in our organisation. They go to great lengths to ascertain and understand the particular requirements of the position we’re filling, send good candidates and follow up regularly. They are professional in their dealings with us and genuinely strive to offer a good service.

Green Isle Foods Ltd.

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

Clark Executive spend a lot of time gaining a thorough understanding of the organisation, its culture and business needs, so as to identify the skills and personal attributes required in any new team member.They follow a rigorous recruitment & selection process including the use of a competency based measuring tool so that we are sure of getting a short-list of suitable candidates for the position – it saves us time and it ensures candidates are assessed objectively.Clark Executive are most professional in their follow-up and ‘after-sales service’. They really try to get to know our business and provide long-term solutions to organisational needs rather than the short-term plugging of holes.

- Keith Rowe, RACE

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

Lakeland Dairies has partnered with Clark for a number of years now during which time we have placed some of our more complex talent sourcing projects with them. Despite the challenging nature of these projects in terms of the specific skill sets and background experience requirements Clark have excelled in the calibre of talented candidates presented to us for consideration resulting in a 100% success rate. The team at Clark work extremely hard to ensure that they have an intimate understanding of our business and our hiring needs to the extent that they effectively act as an extension of our HR function. As a talent sourcing partner I cannot think of any team that I would place higher than Clark in terms of quality of service, commitment, integrity and delivery.

- Tadhg O’Halloran , Head of Group Human Resources

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

Clark have become a vital partner for our business. Niamh is very focussed on our particular needs and provides the recruitment backup that we need in a personal, friendly and professional manner. Clark work to our terms and deadlines. I have no hesitation in recommending Clark as a Recruitment Partner.

- Brendan Pittman MD , Pittman

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.

The MJ Flood Group has been working with Clark for a number of years. The consultants at Clark take the time to fully understand our organisation and the requirements for each campaign and our partnership with them ensures that they know the fit for our organisation. The care they take during their screening process, their ‘quality over quantity’ approach when proposing candidates, together with their understanding of our culture, values and requirements, results in a pool of quality candidates for us to consider. On top of all this, we have the reassurance that all candidates that they propose have been interviewed by Clark against both their and our standards. It is always a pleasure to deal with the team and I would not hesitate in recommending Clark.

- Linda O’Neill, HR Manager , MJ Flood

This client received our Recruitment and Selection service.